During the 15 months of writing this book, the author put more than $50,000,000.00 into the hands of early education professionals—Not loans, Income.

All profits from every book sold go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. This is a great way for you to give to St. Jude and get this great resource as a bonus for yourself, your staff, and your company.

"Having spoken to Brad prior to reading his book, I went into it expecting to be impressed - and impressed I was. The owners of our center have backgrounds in law, finance, business, marketing and, of course, early education, yet we found tremendous insights across all of these topics delivered in a way that is easy to comprehend and digest. The book is akin to a Swiss army knife for the child care industry, and I look forward to revisiting the many lessons and best practices Brad shares as we continue in our careers. Thanks, Brad, for your time and effort in putting this together!"

Jeff Andry, Co-Owner
Southside Child Development Center
Baton Rouge, LA

For the last 25 years, Brad Barnett (author) has been the Founder and President of BFS®—the largest early education consulting and brokerage firm in the United States.  He’s spent years and a small fortune to acquire this specific knowledge and insight.  You can have it all here in his new book--How Thousands of Childcare Centers and Schools Are Making Millions.

For years now, owners and executives of early education companies have been paying Brad as much as $8,000 a day to give them the very same information that you can get from his new book. 

  • It contains the information that Brad has used to turnaround centers and schools in the worst markets.
  • It includes the information that has cut costs and vastly increased profits in the industry, and
  • It has the information that has created multi-million dollar paydays for the owners of centers and schools across the U.S.

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"Dedicated, knowledgeable and trustworthy, Brad works tirelessly for his clients. As an expert in his field, his knowledge is unsurpassed, but it is his integrity that I most admire."
- Chalayne Sayes, CEO, MBC Media

"Brad Barnett’s book about financial success in the childcare business shows his decades of experience in the field of brokering the purchase and sale of them. He brings the wisdom of someone who has seen first-hand how such businesses can succeed. What I really like about the book is the fact that Brad’s suggestions regarding how to run an early education business are applicable to many businesses. And then he includes the warmth and compassion that are must attributes for running a childcare center. Bravo Brad!"

Clark Spoden

Who Is This Book For?

This book is designed specifically to help executives, owners, administrators, directors, teachers and industry newcomers to operate centers and schools more efficiently, more effectively and more profitably.  While the information in this book has certainly made plenty of people rich, it's not one of those "How I Became A Millionaire Overnight" books.  You will discover detailed information about the best practices from the very best centers and schools and sound advice to help you avoid the material pitfalls of the business.

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What others have to say...

"Our [Ohio] centers served close to 2000 children per day. It did not take long for us to realize that Brad Barnett of BFS® was the best person/organization to retain. His industry knowledge, practical philosophy, professional approach and personal commitment proved to us that he would find the best match to sell our centers and continue our family legacy."
- Philip Wenk, Ph.D., MBA, President, Creative Playrooms, Inc.
"Owning Rainbow Kids for nearly 16 years and being faced with foreclosure, the options of selling it were extremely limited. Brad Barnett helped me turn the center around…anytime I got worried as my bank’s foreclosure date loomed, Brad stepped in to ensure the timeline was met and the deal was closed. I received $1,195,000…nobody except for BFS® could have achieved that level of success."
- James Sullivan, President, Rainbow Kids Learning Center, Norton, MA
"I have a background in finance; I have been in the industry for almost 25 years and I have worked in real estate. I have been on both sides of the fence, as a seller & buyer innumerable times. I therefore questioned what your company could bring to the table that I was not already bringing. What you & your company bring to the table is beyond my ‘pay grade’ & my Universe!"
- Donny Banerji, President, A Child's World, Jamestown, NC
"Brad Barnett from BFS® impressed me from my first phone call with him to Brad getting on a plane and traveling over 800 miles to (discreetly) tour my childcare center. If you’re looking for a professional, experienced and dedicated group to help with your exit planning and beyond, BFS® will be the only call you need to make."
- Mary Innocenzi, CEO, The Village Learning Center, Pennington, NJ

About The Author

Brad Barnett, Author and President of BFS®, has traveled the United States relentlessly over the last 25 years doing everything in the early education industry from saving early education companies from foreclosure and bankruptcy to leading their owners to multi-million dollar paydays.  Brad firmly believes that education can be made better by competition and more earning potential.  "Better" is defined as the improved lives of children and the adults they become.  "Better" is defined as education professionals being paid like other professionals.